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My name is Joe Krummel and I'm a licensed architect and passionate photographer based in Minneapolis. I love being active outdoors, reading fiction, gardening, traveling and spending time with my growing family.

I have a strong imagination. Ever since I was little, I enjoyed the process of creation. Whether it was in a sand box as a child, exploring architectural design in graduate school or composing the perfect photograph, creativity is my life long obsession.

As an architect, I am happiest when fully immersed in the design process. Moving forward in my career, I aim to use my individual experience and unique interests toward a career centered around architecture and design. I value the craft of architecture and believe it has the ability to shape experiences and impact peoples lives. In addition, through the lens of architecture, I hope to continually evolve my design process while utilizing my affinity for photography and conceptual design techniques.

Design is always on my mind and my camera never leaves my side.