12 Images to Remember // 2012 A Year In Review

Hello. Today I came home to my iMac.  I jostled the mouse until the screen came back to life.  In front of me was my Facebook page staring back at me proudly displaying 1,000 fans. Then, I opened Adobe Bridge and what did I see? A folder I started 12 months ago. Best of 2012.

It's funny because I remember creating this folder on a whim.  I had this grand idea that I would throw in all my favorite images into that folder throughout the year and at the end, I'd have this amazing compilation of what I had created.  That was the plan at least.  Unfortunately (and fortunately I suppose) I've been so busy that I haven't kept that folder full throughout the year. However, I do have certain images that stand out in my mind. These aren't necessarily "the best" and shouldn't be viewed in that way. Instead, these images bring back memories for me that still ring vividly in my mind. I hope they evoke something within you as well.

2012 was an incredible year for me.  Most importantly, I married my best friend and we started our lives together. Plus, my work brought many moments of surprise, pride, elation, frustration, inspiration and prosperity. I was able to travel to the most beautiful corners of the globe while capturing the most beautiful moments in ones life. It's hard to call this a "job" and I'm constantly blind sided by reality, in a good way. For this reason, I try to NEVER take things for granted, especially when it comes to my work.  I vividly recall numerous powerful and emotional moments with old friends, new friends, family, and strangers.

I left 2012 doing what I love and I entered 2013 doing exactly the same. I can't tell people enough how much I love what I do and how lucky I am to be able to make it happen for a living.  Thank you to every one that plays a part in my life.  You are there for a reason.

One last thing ... go and create a "Best of 2013" folder for yourself.  At the end of the year, look at how far you have come.  I know I will. Ciao!