52 Card Pick Up | Nathan + Kendahl - Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

Holy crap! Nathan and Kendahl have so much in common with me and my fiance Leela that I feel we must have been friends in past lifetimes! Nathan recently finished his studies in law and Kendahl is currently wrapping up her studies in medicine. These guys are focused, driven and extremely in love :) Perhaps some day when I need legal help and am experiencing medical turmoil, these guys can help me out!? If I was to describe Nathan and Kendahl's relationship in one word, I would use "passionate." In a similar way, Leela and myself are pursuing our dreams in architecture and medicine. In this way, I identified with Nathan and Kendahl in a powerful way. Even though our generation is experiencing change and uncertainty, I firmly believe the pursuit of personal achievements and life long goals are paramount to our country's survival.

Cheers to Nathan and Kendahl, I can't wait for the wedding next year!