60 Years Later // Wisconsin Lifestyle Photographer

What matters in life? Inherently, we all have different ways of answering this question. However, as a photographer, there are fewer things more beautiful than being able to capture true love; 60 years after its conception. Harv and Dee are the sweetest people in the world, truly. They've established a large family that shares these midwestern, good hearted qualities and it was an absolute pleasure meeting them all. 60+ years ago, they met and fell in love. Over the course of many years they worked hard and succeeded in the automobile industry and it's amazing to witness their children taking the wheel in the 21st century. It's a different landscape and I admire their dedication. Together, I think we can all bring this country into an economic boom. But it's families like the Happersett's that deserve some recognition in this long, difficult journey.

Thank you to the entire family. I hope these images will be cherished for years to come.

//jk + Lindsay