A Girl & Her Horse // Rock The Dress Photographer

Since most of my photography work revolves around the wedding day, I love when a client comes to me with a creative idea for portrait sessions. Sallie did just that when she asked me to capture her and her horse Stuart at their boarding farm in Stillwater, MN. Being the urbanite that I am, I of course showed up in flip flops, cargo shorts and a black polo. I’ll never forget the look I got from Sallie’s Mom as I walked through the horse piles to say hello. Memories that will last a lifetime. While dodging horse manure, flies and sweating profusely, I still managed to capture some jaw dropping images of Sallie and Stuart. There is something truly beautiful about the sheer power of a horse standing next to the fragility of the human form. Contrast I suppose. What better way to end this amazing portrait session you ask? How about a cold beer and stories with some amazing people? Cheers!