A Winter Wonderland | Paul + Chelsea - Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

Paul and Chelsea are great friends of mine and I had so much fun shooting their engagement photos! I think Chelsea and Paul helped to uncover the secret to a fun and successful photo session - a pre-shoot glass of wine! We had a lot of fun walking around the Stone Arch Bridge and visiting the Guthrie. The image of them in front of the carriage ride is straight out of a magazine. The timing was impeccable! Even though we had hoped for lots and lots of snow, I think it worked out great. When I first met with the couple, Chelsea informed me she loves "vibrant" images. Well, I hope the urban backgrounds and shimmering city lights are just what you were thinking Chels ;) I hope the images are serenely beautiful but also young, upbeat and exciting... I'm so excited to shoot the wedding in July as a newlywed myself! Congratulations Paul and Chelsea!

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