Adam + Libby // Boston Destination Wedding

Sometimes in life we meet people that have compatible personalities. In other words, we meet people who we just click with. When I met Libby in graduate school, I felt this way. We got along well and always shared supportive and constructive design ideas with each other. I'm forever thankful for these relationships; I value them more than anything.

When Libby approached me about traveling to Boston for her wedding, I was inherently excited. Not only because it's Boston (insert cliche accent joke here), but because I knew we would work well together. Just like those late nights in Rapson Hall together. Instead of discussing architectural rhetoric at 2AM with no sleep, we collaborated on how to capture her special day with Adam. 

Needless to say, their wedding carved its own special place in my memory as a wedding photographer. Words like intimate, charming, celebratory and reflective come to mind. The intimacy of Post Office Square provided an unforgettable ceremony. The unbelievable charm of the Barking Crab and the city of Boston made for a magical weekend. The Ward Eights rocking combined with soulful dance moves were the epiphany of "celebration." Most of all, the family and friends of Adam and Libby reflected on what matters most in life. Love, laughter and happily ever after.

With genuine pride and congratulations, here are the images from that special day. Throw in your ear buds, hit play and let's travel to Boston.


Hair Stylist - Hair by Katy Brown // Ceremony - Norman B. Leventhal Park // Reception & Catering - The Barking Crab // Entertainment - The Ward Eights // Groom's Dinner Catering - KO Catering & Pies  // Groom's Dinner - South Boston Candlepin