Bob Marley, Caribbean Rum and Sweet Sweet Sunshine // Our Honeymoon, Through Images

We don't need no trouble; What we need is love. Oh, no! We don't need - we don't need - no more trouble! Lord knows, we don't need no trouble!

Bob Marley | "No More Trouble" from "Catch A Fire" [1973]

1 // The Real Jamaica (Arrival)

Unfortunately, the world is full of corruption and deceit. Some countries have political and economic woes that continue to lower quality of life for their citizens. Many people struggle to make ends meet and even though it's an absolutely dream-like island, a lot of Jamaicans consider it a nightmare. With that being said, Leela and I met some of the nicest people while in Jamaica. They told us stories about their governmental critiques, how their children found successes in the U.S. and how they continue to stay proud of their country even through the hard times. For a honeymoon destination, Jamaica is perfect.

These images I shot while we took the long ride from Montego Bay into Negril. Without being too intrusive, I wanted to capture 'the real Jamaica' and recognize that our resort is simply a facade over the reality of daily life in Jamaica.

2 // Snorkeling Adventures

The Caribbean Sea is an unbelievable experience, especially along the cost of Negril. The water is warm and inviting, not to mention it's the most clear ocean on earth. Since I've only been snorkeling one other time, this time the snorkeling was a trip highlight. We saw incredible corals and bright colored fish along with the occasional jellyfish. If you look close, I nailed an underwater shot of one of the jellyfish. It was about the size of a soccer ball, crazy!

 3 // The Resort Life

Naturally, it makes sense to relax on vacation. But since I'm a kid at heart and don't plan to change, I had to play with my camera! Luckily, I married the best girl on the planet who enjoys my little rendezvous. Leela and I strolled around the beaches and the pools testing our creative eyes to see what we could find. Mostly, the images are goofy but there a few gorgeous shots of the skies and waters of Jamaica.  I think we're going to have to blow a few up for our wall :)

4 // 9 Holes, Jamaican Style

Meet Misty. She was our caddy on a hot Jamaican afternoon. It was so much fun getting to know her and listening to her supportive murmurs while I lined up putts. The round was super fun and we both managed to shoot quite well. It was well worth it even though we had to rent clubs from the 80's, sweated for 3 hours straight and it was quite expensive. When's the next time you'll be able to play a round of golf in Jamaica? Exactly.

5 // The World Famous Ricks Cafe (Cliff Jumping)

First off, if you're unfamiliar with Rick's Cafe, click here to read all about it. It's been ranked as 'one of the top 10 bars in the world' time and time again. Considering it's location on the coast of Negril, I can see why. People from across the world come to Rick's just to see the cliffs and take part in some good 'ol fashion cliff diving. The water here is literally turquoise, it's unbelievable. Plus, you can watch local Jamaican men jump from the cliffs and even platforms 80 feet above the surface of the water. The stunts are incredible and it was quite the sight! As another perk, our friends Wes and Amy visited with us since they were also honeymoon-ing in Jamaica at the same time!

Look carefully at these two images.

The sunsets at Rick's Cafe are argued to be the best in the world. The vantage point from the cliffs looking West creates an unbelievable sunset.

6 // Catamaran Caribbean Cruise

The catamaran cruise was probably the coolest thing we did while in Jamaica. We trolled along the coast for about an hour and a half while listening to a local entertainer / musician. We might have enjoyed some local rum as well, shhhhh. Then, we anchored the boat and swam into caves along the coast. The current was unbelievably strong; it really makes you understand how powerful the ocean is. Some of the shots of the cliff sides show the detail of erosion over thousands of years. So cool! As a send off, we had to be cheesy tourists and take a 'Titanic' shot. I blame the other tourists for forcing us...

Leela in mid-air from the slide - she looks a little scared wouldn't you say?

One Love.