Cole + Cari // Hastings Wedding Photographer

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As a Hastings wedding photographer, I wanted to make sure to do this great town justice. So, if you're from Hastings like Cari and most of her girlfriends, you will especially enjoy these images. Not only are Cole and Cari a great couple, but they're also the last wedding to occur with both bridges in downtown Hastings erected. On the following Monday, the old Hastings bridge began deconstruction, paving way for the shiny new bridge. To capitalize on this, we made sure to get some awesome shots with the bridges in the background!

From beginning to end, the day was perfect. We enjoyed some light rain too which is good luck for Cole and Cari! I have to say my favorite moment by far was following Cole and Cari on the golf carts with Lindsay, Travis and myself. There were some memories during that short time that will never be forgotten.

Congratulations guys, I hope these images help you relive that amazing day!

//Joe, Lindsay, Travis

P.S. Check out a recent article on the new and old bridges in Hastings.