Dan + Leah // Warehouse District Wedding

These are some of my most creative images I've taken in 2014. Since I went to architecture school with both Dan and Leah, I'm so proud to have created these for them. They represent who they are both individually but also as a couple. As they shared in their vows, marriage is like architecture. You have to work on the mundane things like bathroom details and stair railing details before you can celebrate overall harmony.

The sketch within the images is by custom dress designer, Darcy Zeppernick. She helped Leah reconstruct her Mother's dress to become her own bridal gown. It's absolutely stunning.

Congratulations to Dan, Leah and both their families. It was an absolute joy capturing these images.


Venue - 514 Studios // Food - Gastrotruck Food Truck // Videography - Eliza Lynard // Custom Dress Design - Darcy Zeppernick