Fine Art Wedding Albums... Oh My!

As the wedding season revs its engine, I thought I'd take the time to show some images of the beautiful albums we offer. Our chosen album company takes great care in selecting the materials they use. They take great care in how they package products and even have an extensive office recycling program. How's that for green? Some other ways our album company strives to stay sustainable: The "pleathers" are all PVC free. They try to include many fabrics - even better! They will not use hides that have been tanned in Asia. The working conditions are simply too poor. The product packaging is completely green. Hand-made recycled pineapple leaf paper used for wrapping. Hand-made recycled Mulberry leaves used for the ribbons. Mulberry skeleton leaves used for decoration. Natural kraft tissue used in wrapping and packaging. Corn starch peanuts used as packing materials. Paper tape used to seal all boxes. Completely recyclable cardboard used for packing and shipping. All the packing is made from all natural organic materials that can be reused and recycled. The peanuts are biodegradable and any unused peanuts are recycled to a pack and ship facility. Every possible scrap of paper, glass, metal and plastic is recycled. Our albums are constructed from as many natural, post consumer, and completely recyclable materials as possible. Everything is made by hand. All products are made in the USA, as are all their component parts.