GLAM // Part II - Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer

Glam. What is it? It’s the feeling you have when you’re ready to rock the town. It’s an outward expression of inner emotions. Glam is sometimes sexy, flirty or even rambunctious. Other times, it’s the subtle sparkle in ones eye as you make eye contact across the bar. Whatever the case may be, Glam is an inherent quality that humans thrive upon. This flexible definition, qualitative expression and elusive nature is what my next project strives to capture.

Instead of defining the characteristics through words, my goal over the coming months is to define it through images. I will capture what Glam looks like in different settings. I will try to find it in different settings, backgrounds, light and kinds of movement. It will incarnate itself within different environments and through different people. This is my task, this is my goal. Join me, won’t you?


Model : Miss J // Hair + Make Up : Cathi Barbie // Assistant : Lindsay Cajune