Together, They Gopher Love // Eric + Julie's Engagement Session

This engagement session was very special for a number of reasons. First, Julie and Eric are great friends to Leela and I. We met while Leela started medical school. Julie and Leela were even roommates at one point :) Eric and Julie are both super duper smarty pants, finishing up medical school and working hard in surgery residency. Their work ethic and determination is awe inspiring. Plus, I have great friends that can take care of me as I get old ;)

Secondly, my Alma mater University of Minnesota was also where Eric and Julie met. They met while Eric was in medical school and Julie was in college. Naturally, we wanted to do something special for them so what better than to return to the exact spot where they met?!

If you're familiar with the U of M campus, you'll love this session even more. The Mississippi River flats, Coffman Union, Northrop Mall and Sally's Bar; it's all here. Thank you so much for a special morning guys, I hope you cherish these images!