March 2013 // An Instagram Journal

“ Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." – Ansel Adams

Before I begin, I have to acknowledge that this post is inspired by Jenna Kutcher. I follow her photography work and her amazing work on 'A Northwoods Wedding.' If you're looking for charming wedding inspiration, dive in my friends. As a photographer, I'm always dumbfounded by how talented my colleagues are. Thank you Jenna!

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What better way to share my life with all of you? Instagram is my addiction. Rather than being a "phone," I find that my iPhone is an extension of myself. As a photographer, it's hard to witness a unique, special or beautiful moment without wanting to capture it. Thankfully, my iPhone can do just that.

Over the coming year, I'll feature my Instagram images in a re-capping collage on the blog. This will be a super fun way to re-live the year and look back on all the amazing memories. Come along and join me, won't you?