Mirza + Parastoo // Traditional Persian Wedding Minneapolis

As a wedding photographer, sometimes I get to see how different cultures celebrate and honor marriage. It's a perfect time to witness how love transcends everyone and every culture. With my wife being half Persian, Mirza and Parastoo's wedding ceremony was extra special. I was able to get a glimpse into the rich, vibrant world of Persian wedding celebrations.

On the wedding night, Parastoo was reunited with her Mother after years of being in different countries. Her Mother landed at MSP just in time to enjoy the festivities. It was a beautiful moment of emotional reunion and will go down as one of my favorite moments of all time.

به عنوان يک عکاس عروسی، من گاهی اوقات که ببینم چقدر فرهنگ هاى مختلف جشن ازدواج و افتخار. اين يك بار كامل به چند شاهد شرايط وجوديش رها همه عشق و هر فرهنگ. با زنم نصف زبان فارسي، ميرزا و پرستو فروهر در مراسم عروسي ويژه اضافی بود. من توانستم که نيم نگاه به ثروتمند جهان، جشن عروسی از زبان فارسی. در شب عروسي، پرستو فروهر شاعرانة با مادر خود پس از سالها بودن در كشورهاي مختلف است.


Shot with Canon 5D Mark III // Processed with VSCO Film 04 | Fuji Fortia