New URL. New Look. Same Great Taste.

We have done some refinement of the overall blog aesthetic! The goal was to create a more unified look that integrates well with the main website. How do you think it looks? Give us up to 5 stars by rating right above this text. We appreciate all the input because after all, you are the reader and the one who should enjoy your stay here at the BLOG. Some new features//

Search - Type in any name or venue to find any post that relates to it!

Categories - Each post is classified into a specific category. The benefit you ask? On the right you can filter the blog to show only the categories you're interested in. You enjoy architecture!? Great, me too. Just click the category from the drop down menu on the right. Done.

Pages - At the top of the blog there are different 'pages.' Here you can look for helpful tips and other information that didn't quite make the main website.

Links - On the right there are some of our favorite websites. Some of them may not even relate to photography or design. Just simply intriguing :)

Hopefully you enjoy the changes!