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Hooray! I've been accepted as a contributing photographer for an amazing Twin Cities based magazine called Heavy Table. I'll be capturing images for local chefs and restauranteurs to help promote their craft. I couldn't be more excited. Read more about Heavy Table below.


"We are interested in small, neighborhood restaurants; ethnic eateries with a story to tell; great home cooking; Upper Midwestern culinary traditions; stuff that’s hilarious; recipes that work; recipes that fail spectacularly; current events; local food; heirloom food; and people at all levels of the food creation, preparation, distribution and consumption chain.
The Heavy Table is for readers who enjoy good food. That might mean a $75 tab at Sea Change or a $6 burrito bought in a suburban strip mall. It might be a dish of morels and fiddlehead ferns or a stewed rabbit. It might be a new beer from Lucid. We read Kinfolk, and Harold McGee, and The Art of Eating, and Brillat-Savarin. We also watch Gordon Ramsay and Alton Brown and keep tabs on the local food blogs.
We write to be understood, to be accurate, and to entertain. The Heavy Table is a positive voice with integrity. We will call people out on lousy value and bad hospitality. But we prefer to celebrate the delicious, the creative, the honest, and the heartwarming."