Reminiscence // A Digitized Travel Journal - Part I

It's now 2013 and I've made a few personal resolutions, bare with me. 1. Write more carefully and intelligently.

2. Value my craft at an intimate level.

3. Embrace the digital world and share special moments with my readers.

For now, we'll address number 3. I'm very blessed to make a living by capturing people's most memorable moments one frame at a time. For this instance, photography is my medium. So I told myself, why not slow down and capture some of my own memorable moments through writing?

 I'm so excited to launch a new project // Reminiscence.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be recalling some of my own special memories. We live in a digital age full of efficiency and speed. However, we ironically never recollect. With writing, drawing and photography as my medium, I will remember these moments throughout my own life. The people, places and events within have defined who I am. So at the very least, I hope to remember them.

For my first installment, I wind back the clock. The year was 2009. My sister gave me my first journal for Christmas that year and it was designated for travel. Tonight, she is the author. Grab a glass of Cabernet as you digitally peel back the cover of my personal travel journal.



December 25, 2009

You are in grad school right now, following your heart, fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. You are living in a one-bedroom apartment in Dinkytown. I spoke to you on the phone yesterday and you were making yourself spaghetti and getting ready to study… yet again.

I just wanted to let you know that I am not only proud of you, but inspired by you as well. You have a profound sense of independence and self motivation that is painted upon everything you do.

I feel blessed to not only be your sister and a part of your world, but I feel even more grateful to have someone like you in my daughter’s life. The things you will teach her and introduce her to will open her mind, soul and beliefs. You capture your dreams and hold them in your hand for all to see. You are successful, intelligent, creative, logical and determined… the world is at your fingertips…

Now go see it.