Summer Dusk | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

"I picture something is beautifulIt’s full of life and it is all blue I’ve seen the sunset, yeah It makes me feel calm, when I’m calm"

Jason Mraz | "The Freedom Song" 

Summers in Minnesota are beautiful. Whether you're visiting the cabin up north or simply enjoying a glass of wine during dusk, it's hard not to feel blessed. If you think it's hard not to take it all in during these gorgeous evenings, try being a photographer! The light is absolutely drool worthy and when Nate and MaryJo asked for a dusk shoot, I happily obliged. Even though I cherish weddings unlike anything else, engagement sessions have become my favorite moments with my clients. I get to watch their relationship open up over the course of the shoot and witness who they really are. Honestly, people show who they really are after an hour in front of the lens.

As a witness, I can say that Nate and MaryJo are a caring couple. They're very much in love and it's obvious that they share a commitment to their careers and value their relationship more than anything. I'm so excited to capture your big day in April and I look forward to that cold brew! Congratulations Nate and MaryJo!


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