Summer Travels - Part I

Well well well, I haven't had the time to post any photos or describe my travels from this summer and I don't want time to slip away. I wrote extensively in my journal and will probably do some transcribing from that into a digital format. But, for now, lets just share some images and chat about some things in an impromptu format. Sound good? Cool. This first set of images is to get your juices flowing. It is an overall look at the trip. Oh, by the way. The trip was for two weeks and covered the metropoli of Paris and Rome. In addition, some stops were made in southern France and northern Italy including Florence. The sights, sounds, food and music was incredible. The people were great. If you are ever able to travel to Europe, definitely do so! It's a beautiful area of the world. Enjoy some images and remember; these images are for your viewing pleasure but please don't steal. It's just not cool. If you want to purchase some prints, send me an e-mail: