Vendor Snapshot // Daniel Chin of Traverse Photography

Daniel Chin of Traverse Photography Meet Daniel Chin of Traverse Photography.

Daniel is a very talented photographer based out of the Los Angeles area. I had the pleasure of meeting him recently and talking extensively about our shared passion, photography. I deeply respect Daniel's work and value his artistic perspective.

Interestingly, his background is in engineering. Being educated in architecture, his unique background resonated with me. We talked about education and how important it is to stay nimble, especially in an expanding digital field. Some of the most fruitful and challenging questions about my business were uncovered by Daniel.

He asked me, "What is the number one thing you want to change about your business, and what do you find successful?"

I think about these things on a daily basis. But it was a totally different experience having the same questions come from a successful, established photographer. From there, we had a great discussion and finished off our fresh iced tea at Swork Coffee in the Eagle Rock neighborhood.

Check out Daniel's work at Traverse Photography and see the ELEVATE Workshops for photographers that Daniel, Eliesa Johnson and others have developed.

In the world of photography, it's common to find successful artists that have a background in a totally different professional realm. Do you know anyone who pursued a different profession than expected? Leave a comment below and start a conversation.