4 Reasons to Visit Southern California // Minneapolis Travel Photographer

I spent some time in California recently as a Minneapolis travel photographer. These are the images and words that represent that time. This trip was shared with my life long friend Dylan Lahr (check out his work) and together, we tried to capture the true Southern California. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment at the bottom!



In Cali I met comedians, actors, musicians and even a lawyer. These people in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice Beach had an energy about them. It was evident that life was in their foreground and everyday was a blessing. Whether they were surfing, jamming on the boardwalk or enjoying a cold draft at the bar, I loved meeting new people in California. It's truly a reflection of our great country (melting pot) and refreshing to witness people who are currently chasing their dreams. Opportunities are fruitful and Californians are hungry. What are you hungry for? Comment below.

Check out these amazing comics we saw at The Comedy Store // Whitney CummingsBill BurrChris D'EliaBobby LeeOwen Smith.


This isn't rocket science people. California is absolutely gorgeous. Every single day was sunny and full of vibrant blue skies (see images below). Being from Minnesota and as a Minneapolis travel photographer, I actually appreciated the temperatures at dusk as well. The sun would fade beyond the Pacific horizon, leaving a cool 65 degrees behind it. As a Minneapolis travel photographer, it was comfortable, pleasant and great for the body.


While on the plane, I met an 82 year old woman from Santa Monica. Over 2 glasses of wine, she told me stories of how to fulfill life. We talked about where a Minneapolis travel photographer should go. She was happy, healthy and extremely energetic. What does this mean about the people from California?


As we grow older, it's common to lose our sense of play. Perhaps you even believe play is only for children? Well, I disagree. Educated and trained as an architect and photographer, I can tell you that play is deep within everyone. I try to expose it in my clients every day. It's an inherent quality that we all must find and exploit. The process of playing and discovering makes us happy and reminds us what it means to be alive. It's my opinion that California promotes the notion of play and discovery.