WOODCHUCK Case | Minneapolis Commercial Photographer

I'm super excited to share these images! Ben, Kevin and Rachel are amazing team members and I can see them making a huge impression in the industry. Their products are amazing quality (I'm rocking it on my iPhone 4S) and the fundamental business model is awesome : "Bringing nature back into peoples lives." I love the dichotomy of bringing nature back to the people through our mobile devices. It's not just a gimmick, these things rock. The real wood creates a texture that keeps the iPhone, iPad or Macbook Pro in your hands. It's a natural harmony. On top of showcasing these rocking products, I challenged myself to capture their brand. As a fellow young entrepreneur myself, I knew it was important to showcase their energy and vibrancy with evocative images. By challenging myself and bouncing ideas off of each other, we really did create some of my most proud work to date. The images with Rachel are sexy, evocative and genuine. The environments and poses we created are to emulate contemporary society and how you would use the products in your life. Whether you're hanging out with friends, wrapped in a blanket on your couch or out dancing, these products will match your personality.

Thanks for a great time guys and I look forward to collaborating in the future!

Watch out for the puddle of drool...

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